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Hi, I live in the boonies in Iowa on a hobby farm.I am a Cancer survived of almost 20 years, I am blessed with 5 children and so far 4 granddaughters and one due anytime now. And one grandson. I was recently married in Oct. 2010 to my longtime sweetie John. I have many passions being an Aries ;) But yorkies would be top of my list ! I pride my self in breeding to the best of my abilities and raising healthy,happy yorkies. I Love art and taking pictures. The year 2011 is going to be a great year and the beginning of the rest of life.....To bad it took me almost 50 years to get to this point ! But hey at least I got here:)

Thursday, June 17, 2010

Zen Bandit: Brian Andreas. Art. Stories. Life - Current - The TumbleCloud�Manifesto.

Zen Bandit: Brian Andreas. Art. Stories. Life - Current - The TumbleCloud�Manifesto.: "The TumbleCloud�Manifesto.
FRIDAY, MAY 22, 2009 AT 1:50PM
Life is poly-dimensional. So, why don’t we act that way?"

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  1. So pleased you wrote to me, thank you. Your pain and nodes are the same. To think you have gone 20 years. This is awful! Have you had a tooth out next to this pain? There is a little tiny piece of bone and as cracked every time I have had a tooth out and been left behind. There very hard to spot sometimes and shows as a tiny dark line both side of this piece on x-rays. Right close to your next tooth/teeth. Maybe you have had a small broken piece in for this long it as fused also to your jaw. It may show up as a fuzzy white patch on x-ray?
    They kept trying to blame sinuses, grinding teeth which I don't.
    Unless they see something they don't help. Totally bad. Really should take our word for it.
    I was shown an earlier x-ray and it showed a round white mass on my jaw which a Prof loesher didn't pick up on. Wasn't until and I think it was the flu virus that did it. For the first time came up on the x-rays clear. Maybe it was a better x-ray machine?
    Might be worth looking at whiter marking areas on your x-ray also. Could you get hold of your x-rays to look yourself. Maybe share on the net?
    Having teeth out sucks big time. I think and hope that my top teeth will just rot and fall out themselves if needed.
    Oh was looking on youtube yesterday about drinking a pinch of salt and lemon squeezed into distilled water. Helps clean the body out. So going to try this. Maybe pre boiled water works ok, not sure?
    All my love!